Why to choose Rainbow healthcare services for overseas nursing career?

We understand that it is a big step to move to the UK as an international nurse or healthcare assistants. After all, there's a lot to consider, from UK living costs to VISAs and other documentation to finding a place to live and booking flights. That’s why, for all our successful international applicants, we do everything we can to make relocating to the UK as smooth as possible

A single point of contact

One of our specialist consultants will guide you through the entire relocation process, from securing your interview to assisting you with obtaining the right English language skills required to practice in the UK.

Essentially, we’re here to assist you with every single aspect of your relocation!

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Are you ready to make the leap and take your career to new heights? Rainbow healthcare services job opportunities are constantly updating, and we welcome international applicants.

Please submit your resume below, and if you have the right qualifications, a representative will contact you soon to discuss the available positions and next steps you may need to take.

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Specialising in the recruitment and staffing of:

  • Qualified Nurses
  • Qualified physiotherapist
  • Health Care Assistants
  • Senior Care Assistants
  • Domiciliary Care Staff