Permanent Staffing

Attracting and recruiting the right staff is essential for organisation’s stability and success and we understand that.

  • Rainbow healthcare services team assess, support and deliver the best possible long-term staff to its clients.
  • we review the stability of the candidates and their career outlook before we propose their candidature to the client for Permanent Recruitment

Temporary Staffing

Recruitment and planning can be a costly and time-consuming process for businesses looking to increase their work force in a temporary capacity. We understand the need for a flexible approach in healthcare temporary staffing.

  • Our solutions are based on truly understanding our customers, our experienced team work extremely closely with our customers to plan, attract and secure the necessary skill sets to drive their business forward.
  • Our temporary staff integrate perfectly within your permanent work force allowing you to scale your team up to meet seasonal demands, uplifts in business. or if you are simply looking for that perfect candidate to compliment your existing team

Contract-to-Direct Staffing

Contract-to-direct hiring reduces administrative burdens and training costs to Clients and ensure that your talent is a perfect fit before committing to a long-term, direct relationship.

  • You onboard talent as direct employees only after you’ve fully vetted their capabilities and work styles.
  • Ensuring the right fit for your team without the risk of upfront investment.

Residential Care-Home Staffing

Thinking about long-term recruitment or trying to cover shifts is sometimes the last thing a care home manager has time for. So let Rainbow Healthcare services take the pressure off

  • Rainbow Healthcare Services specialises in supplying dementia and healthcare trained personnel with necessary experience to healthcare Clients.
  • Rainbow healthcare services provides staffing solutions for long-term, short-term and contract to direct staffing.

Staffing Registered Nurses

The role of the registered nurse working in a care, residential or nursing home is a highly skilled one, requiring an in-depth knowledge of long-term conditions associated with ageing, and managing complex multiple morbidities and frailty.

  • Rainbow healthcare provides highly trained and qualified nurses to look carefully at individual needs and create a personalised tailor-made plan to give them the best possible care.